Making A Difference: New coffee house serving up opportunities for the handi-capable

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Posted at 2:25 PM, Oct 10, 2019

A new coffee shop is getting ready to open its doors in Lexington, but they are serving up so much more than lattes and pastries.

Retired Southland Christian Church pastor, Brewster McLeod, is brewing up something special.

"It almost feels like October maybe a little December 25th know a little bit of Christmas, " McLeod said.

It's called McLeod's Coffee House, but this isn't just any place to grab a cup of joe, employees here are VIPs.

"They're not just special needs, they're not just men and women with disabilities, they're my friends, " McLeod explained.

Vlad Stafford is one of the many employees you'll see at McLeod's once they open, all of them with special needs, or as Stafford prefers: handi-capable.

"I love the concept. After he told me what it represents I was in tears, " Stafford said.

Over the span of his life, Stafford has often been passed over or under estimated. He says this opportunity has the capacity to change that.

"All I need is a chance, and once it's been given I can prove and show how much I can do, " Stafford explained.

McLeod has long worked with people like Stafford through his ministry. He is excited now to open the doors and roll out the red carpet to this new venture. Both men agree the coffee house will serve as a platform to show just how capable these men and women really are.

"It's gonna be a safe place, it's gonna be an awesome place, it's gonna be a creative place, it's gonna be a fun place, and it's gonna be a place where these men and women get to work, " McLeod said.

McLeod's Coffee House is located at 376 Southland Drive. They will be open Monday-Saturday from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. Their grand opening is set for late October.

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