Making A Difference: Ornaments being sold to honor teen who lost cancer battle

Posted at 1:29 PM, Nov 26, 2019

WOLFE COUNTY, Ky (LEX18) - — After a beloved Wolfe County High School student recently lost her battle to cancer, one of her former teachers is making sure her family is not forgotten during the holidays.

15-year-old Ieshia Barker was a spunky teen who knew how to bring sparkle anywhere she went.

"I fell in love the minute she walked through that door, " said Ieshia's former teacher Stephanie Barnett.

Ieshia was all about her earrings, she was close with her family and Christmas was her absolute favorite.

"Ieshia loved Christmas, she loved Thanksgiving, " said Ieshia's mom, Sarah Barker Morris.

Come October, it became clear Ieshia, who was battling Rhabdomyosarcoma, would not live to see the holidays, so her school and community brought Christmas to her. Ieshia died before Halloween.

"It was devastating, stressful, angry, hurt, sadness all of the above, " Barker Morris said.

Since her death, Wolfe County High has continued to honor Ieshia. School let out the day of her funeral, and now they are building a bench in her honor, but her family continues to feel the devastation of their loss.

Wanting to do more, teacher Stephanie Barnett decided to do what she can to help during the time of year Ieshia loved the most, through what else? Christmas ornaments. All proceeds from all of the ornaments Barnett sells will be given to Ieshia's family in the hopes of providing some relief and maybe even some happiness during what has been a very dark time.

"They know that this is Ieshia's Christmas... even if she's not here she with us in spirit, " Barnett said.

If you are interested in ordering an ornament do so by visiting the following link by December 10th:

If you'd just like to donate you can do so here: