Moving Forward

LEX 18 Moving Forward

LEX 18 News not only covers Kentucky communities, but our employees are also part of them. We understand that lives change, and people change, and online search results can have a lasting impact on someone's ability to move forward.

LEX 18 News is now welcoming appeals from people who would like the station to update past articles or remove an article entirely from

We believe these actions will give people the promise of moving forward without minor indiscretions of the past following them into the future.

Which types of stories will we consider editing or removing?

Stories that are eligible for editing or removal include, but are not limited to:

● Non-violent misdemeanor crimes, particularly those from many years ago.
● Missing persons cases that are resolved without criminal charges.
● Incidents such as AMBER Alerts and Golden Alerts that were resolved without criminal charges.
● Stories and photos that involve embarrassing, noncriminal behavior.

The decision to edit or remove an article lies solely with the LEX 18 News editorial team.

Which types of stories will we NOT consider removing?

● LEX 18 News will not consider requests involving serious felonies, particularly those involving violent crimes.
● Public figures and those in positions of trust are held to a higher standard of scrutiny and therefore, stories involving these individuals will be evaluated accordingly.

What research goes into our decisions?

LEX 18 News may check court records and other public records to make an informed, compassionate decision. Those looking to appeal an article should completely fill out the form below:

If you have physical copies of documents, please mail them to the following address:

LEX 18 News

c/o Moving Forward Initiative

1065 Russell Cave Road

Lexington, KY 40505

Questions or feedback? Email

Please include “Moving Forward” in the subject line.

LEX 18 Initiative helps give second chances