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Comfort Heating & Air honors Lexington veteran

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Posted at 1:32 PM, Nov 10, 2021

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — A special honor for a Lexington woman ahead of this year's Veterans Day. Rosa Cannon is a retired Air Force Veteran, and she is the recipient of a free heating and cooling system from Comfort Heating and Air.

"Every season I would pray that my HVAC would work," Rosa Cannon said.

For the past few years, Cannon said she dreaded the extreme temperatures, never sure her system would hold up to the elements. Now, she worries no more.

"It kept breaking down every season, and I'm like I just don't have 10-12,000 dollars on hand," said Cannon.

Cannon enlisted in the Air Force directly after high school. She served as a medical service specialist, and once she was out of the military, she became an RN. It's because of that service she's been gifted with a brand-new heating and cooling system.

Cannon said, "When Andy from Comfort Heating and Air called me, I cried. I just cried like a baby; I felt so blessed."

"It feels amazing to us," said Andy Wimsatt of Comfort Heating and Air. "Certainly there are a lot of emotions involved, but it's our privilege."

The givewaway is part of a yearly thank you Comfort Heating and Air does for local veterans. Cannon said she never could've imagined all those years ago when she enlisted that people would still be thankful for her service, but it is that humble spirit Comfort Heating and Air looks to reward.

Wimsatt said, "We're doing some things to help them, but throughout the years they've helped us in more ways than we can imagine."

And on Veterans Day that's what it is all about.

Finding a way to recognize people like Rosa Cannon who have served, and serving them in return.

"Our veterans have done so much for us both locally and abroad, and we just want to show our appreciation," Wimsatt said.

Cannon added, "I won't have to worry that's for one thing, and that is a comfort to me."

Veterans also get a yearly discount from Comfort Heating and Air. Contact them for more information.