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Donor pledges to match $10K donations raised for Franklin County Humane Society by Friday

Posted at 4:03 PM, Jul 20, 2021

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — An anonymous donor is challenging the Franklin County Humane Society to raise $10,000 by Friday with the promise they will match the amount.

The Franklin County Humane Society’s current building at 1041 Kentucky Ave. is more than 50 years old.

Board President Sam Marcus said it has a number of issues they hope to eradicate with the construction of a new shelter off Flynn Ave.

“It was very progressive for the time it was built, but it’s kind of exceeded its lifespan. The other problem with it is we’ve gone through six river floods. That’s really taken a toll as well,” Marcus said.

Plans for a new shelter have been in the works for years, according to Marcus.

“We think Frankfort would like to have an animal shelter they can be proud of and show people,” Marcus said.

Designs for the new shelter reveal it will not only be moved out of a flood zone, but it will also include space for a new medical clinic and expand the Humane Society’s capacity limits.

Marcus said they are hoping to break ground on the multi-million dollar facility in September, but it will depend on if they can reach a total $1.6 million fundraising goal. They are approximately $500,000 shy of reaching the goal.

An anonymous sponsor has promised to donate $10,000 if the Humane Society can raise the same amount by July 23.

Marcus said, as of Tuesday, they are halfway to the goal, but they still need help.

Original cost projections for the shelter totaled $4 million. However, rising material and labor costs have increased that price tag to about $5 million, according to Marcus.

In 2020, the Frankfort City Commission approved a $1 million contribution to the new shelter. The Franklin County Fiscal Court approved an $800,000 contribution towards the project. Marcus said the shelter also received a $500,000 donation from Richard and Anne Rosen.

Donations can be made to the Franklin County Humane Society here.