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Hank the Horse encourages Lexington students to read

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Posted at 5:31 PM, Jun 20, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — A school day that is different from the norm tends to be a little more memorable.

Students had a special visitor on Monday to help with their reading. Hank the Horse spent time with these youngsters.

"I love that Hank can give children confidence," said Tammi Regan, who is the founder of For Hank's Sake. "He helps them become brave."

This week, Hank is helping students love books and reading. Regan says Hank has always been curious, which has led him to encourage students.

"He has always been very clever," she says. "And engaged and interactive."

If a real horse comes to school, all eyes are typically on the horse. These students were excited not only to meet Hank but also to read to him.

"I think seeing that Hank loves books, I think they're going to have that energy, especially the little ones you saw today," said Christy Wilson, who helps run the Summer Ignite program. "They're going to take that and remember that Hank loves to read so they should read too."

Hank provides confidence and his presence is comforting. If Hank's story was a book itself, seeing a child build the confidence would be the cover page illustration.

Hank's visit Monday and the next two days will help inspire reading and kindness in nearly 150 Fayette County students.