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Nine-year-old creates business to raise money for animal shelter

Posted at 6:44 PM, Mar 17, 2021

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (LEX 18) — You've told us you'd like to see more positive stories on LEX 18, and we're paying attention. Every day, across central Kentucky, people are helping humane societies. But it's who is behind this fundraiser that makes it stand out from the rest.

Anna Coover's best friend has four paws. Her family brought Tucker home last year in the beginning of quarantine. Since then, Anna and Tucker have built an impeccable bond.

Anna Coover and Tucker.jpg

"And when we brought him home, we ran around in the backyard and it was the best day ever," Anna said.

It was the nine-year-old's bursting love for her four-legged friend that led her to creating a business.

"So I went to my mom and I said, 'What should I do?' and she said 'Well, you're really good at making rubber band jewelry, why don't you do that?' So I did that and I wanted to donate to something, but I didn't know what," Anna explained. "Then I looked at Tucker and I thought, of course the humane society!"

That's when Anna came up with Anna's Funny Funbands. Anna makes rings, bracelets and necklaces out of mini rubber bands in a variety of colors. The nine-year-old started making the jewelry a few months ago.

"She put reasonable prices on it. Which, I figured when she started, she'd get maybe $20, $30. Now we're up to over $250," Cheryl Coover, Anna's mother, said.

Each piece of jewelry only takes Anna less than 10 minutes to make and is customized with many different colors.

"She's recorded video of herself explaining what she wanted to do, why she's doing it. It's just been order after order," Jeff Coover, Anna's father, said.

All proceeds from her sales will be going straight to the Scott County Humane Society.

"Sometimes they'll give me more money than they're supposed to pay. And that just makes me happy because that means not just me wanting to help the animals, they want to help me, help the animals," Anna added.