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Pediatric cancer picnic celebrates survivors

Pediatric Cancer Survivor Picnic
Posted at 3:57 PM, Aug 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-21 15:57:31-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX18) — The Keeneland Entertainment Center welcomed the 17th annual Pediatric Cancer Survivor Picnic on Sunday. From across Kentucky, families celebrated their cancer survivors with a day of fun.

Hosted by the Kentucky Children's Hospital, the afternoon picnic had sno-cones, face painting, and games. While celebrating survivors is a highlight of the event, giving kids the chance to be kids is at the root of the celebration.

"This is our first year year, we had not been able to participate due to COVID, but this is amazing, I can't believe all of this," said one survivor's parent, Shannon Stull. Her son, Noah, will finish treatment in October.

For parents and guardians, the camaraderie of the event proved especially impactful.

"It's nice for him to be around other kids who went through the same thing as him because it can be really isolating and you can feel really alone, so it's nice to be with other families and for him to know that he's not the only one that had to go through it," said Amanda Adams. For her son Preston, the day's impact was simple. "It's really fun not being in the hospital," he said.