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Positively LEX 18: Lexington sisters mow lawns for free to give back

Posted at 1:30 PM, Jun 18, 2021

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Under the heat of the Kentucky sun, Amya and Ashanti Cloud are getting to work.

"Just cutting grass, lawn mowing, weed-eating," Amya said.

At just 14-years-old and with the help of their parents, the sisters are taking their mowers across Lexington tending to people's yards, and they are doing it for free.

Amya said, "I can have fun later, I'd rather give back to the community now."

They got the idea on social media. A man in Alabama started the movement, and kids all over the world have since risen to the challenge. With little experience in lawn care, the Cloud sisters decided this summer was the perfect time for them to try it, too.

Ashanti said, "I know COVID had it and everybody has got their problems, so it feels good to give back to everybody." Amya added, "I actually like the fact that we could be women helping out the community and helping people with their yardwork who can't really do it themselves."

Their focus is primarily on veterans, single parents, the elderly and the disabled, like Carol Evans.

"It's great for those of us who are not able to take care of things like we need to," Evans said.

They started out on Tuesday with a goal of reaching 50 lawns mowed. As of Friday, they had already tackled 18 lawns and had six left for the day. The girls are well on their way to meeting that goal and making a difference in the process.

Amya and Ashanti's mom has been advertising their lawn service on the Nextdoor App. You can also give them a call at 859-227-1684.