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Streak snapped: Kentucky School for the Deaf boy's basketball snaps 43-game losing streak

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Posted at 7:25 PM, Dec 12, 2022

DANVILLE, Ky. (LEX 18) — It was a memorable weekend for some basketball players who snapped a 43-game-long losing streak.

The Kentucky School for the Deaf hadn't won a game since February 2018. Saturday, they snapped that streak.

"All this time, we've had nothing but losses," said Mulumba Asukulu, one of the players.

This game on Saturday morning against Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, the tides turned.

"We've done it because we know how to work together and we've never given up because we've had that goal of trying to win," said Alex Frahler.

"I always wanted to make sure they learned that they have to play as a team," said Coach Mike Yance. "It's not an individual sport. It's not 'I', it's we. That has been my main emphasis to them."

It's the teamwork that has helped them put an end to a streak that has lasted for more than 40 games.

"Communication is the key," said Micah Tucker. "Being aware of everything around you, 360 degrees constantly."

"We can do so much more," said Matthew Colbert. "The hearing is not a problem for us. There's nothing we can't accomplish or do."

Their season continues. With a win in the win column, they're looking to continue growing as players and people.

"Yes it can be a challenge for us, and the losses are a challenge for us, but it doesn't make us angry or upset," said Austin Overbay. "That win was just a great thing that gave us a lot of pride."