'We love her and she loves us': Lexington family fostering beagle rescued from Virginia

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Posted at 6:42 AM, Aug 17, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Little pup Sami has the world at her paws.

"It's wonderful to see her so happy," said Karen Shrader, whose family is serving as the foster family for the eight-month-old Beagle.

"It's a partnership," she said. "We love her and she loves us."

The dog days of summer might be coming to an end. For Karen, her family, and Sami, their days have just begun.

"I knew the Beagles were coming in and said if they have a Beagle we could have, we would love to have one," she said.

Shrader says Beagles have never been on her radar.

"Now she can be a puppy and learn how to be a dog," Shrader said. "Which obviously she knows how now!"

When 4,000 Beagles were rescued from a breeding facility in Virginia, Sami wasn't the only one who gained something.

"We're getting as much out of it as she is," Shrader said. "My husband has Parkinson's. And he isn't as able to get around as he once did."

Shrader says her husband, Ken, comes outside to watch Sami run around. She says Sami will go up to him and want to be petted.

While Karen and Ken have provided a loving foster home for Sami, fostering isn't always a permanent situation.

When LEX 18 asked Karen what's next as far as their relationship with Sami, the answer was quite simple:

"Adoption of course! We've already put in that we're going to adopt her. She has won our hearts!"