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Couples Are Posting Adorable Side-by-side Transformation Pictures From Prom And Their Wedding

Couples Are Posting Adorable Side-by-side Transformation Pictures From Prom And Their Wedding
Posted at 12:50 PM, Jul 19, 2019

What started as a way to commemorate how far Sydnie and Bailey Haag had come as a couple — they went to prom together in high school are now married married — has now turned into a viral sensation.

Recent newlywed Sydnie Haag had no idea that her photo-sharing would spark so much commentary, much less prompt other couples to follow suit, but sometimes the internet has a way of surprising us.

“I was looking back at old photos and thinking how different my husband looked and how young we looked,” Haag told “Good Morning America.” “I posted it on Twitter and didn’t think much of it.”

This is the sweet tweet that started it all:

Not long after the tweet was posted, the social media notifications came rolling in. Over 500,000 people have liked the tweet, and over 80,000 people have joined in on the conversation this photo started.

In fact, some comments even had Haag posting additional wedding pictures to prove that the two were happy about their wedding experience:

Other couples who have been together since high school began to share similar photos. To think that so many couples had their romantic stories begin in high school is pretty incredible.

Twitter user @ShayShayIX was inspired to show the difference between 2013 and 2019:

These images from Twitter user @b_hardyrenee couldn’t be sweeter:

A tweet from @Mirellazoe might just have you crying tears of joy:

Especially once you learn that the couple is now expecting a baby:

This one, from @cassidywrap, shows her and her husband as childhood best friends, prom dates and new parents. Aww.

Here’s another such story from @BAILEE_29, whose prom and wedding pictures happened a year or so apart:

Yep, this post has definitely started a great thing. Here’s a response from @gR33DYgENIUS:

Haag told “Good Morning America” she was happy to see that her tweet had started this conversation online.

“It made me feel happy because I’m the type of person that likes looking at pictures and looking at people’s stories,” she said. “It’s nice to see where people started and see where they ended up.”

We couldn’t agree more! And for anyone who enjoys a good old-fashioned happy ending, this isn’t the first time tales of true love shared over social media have overwhelmed us.

Back in 2017, people took to Twitter to tell stories of how their parents met, and the tweets will have you crying happy tears!

That trend started with a simple tweet from Twitter user @Nicole_Cliffe asking, “How did your parents meet?”

Twitter user @baddestmamajama had a great response:

Or how about this quick story, from @nicole_soojung, in which her response is everything:

This one from @elanpin is pretty amusing:

And these wonderful stories are just a few out of thousands!

What can we say? People on the internet love love, including us. Bring on more romantic origin stories!

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