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Make this Dark Chocolate Chip Raspberry Banana Bread for a decadent Valentine’s Day treat

Make This Dark Chocolate Chip Raspberry Banana Bread For A Decadent Valentine’s Day Treat
Posted at 9:00 AM, Feb 12, 2022

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Valentine’s Day is all about sharing sweet treats with a special someone — or yourself, if you’re so inclined. After all, we all deserve a little love. What better way to share love than making something with chocolate? We think also adding some berries and mixing them into banana bread might create a trifecta of baking goodness.

Sure, chocolate-covered strawberries might be a romantic gesture and we think they are delicious. However, there’s something special about this Dark Chocolate Chip Raspberry Banana Bread from Sally’s Baking Addiction that shot Cupid’s arrow into our sweets-loving hearts. If you are a banana bread fan, get ready for something extra special.

raspberry dark chocolate banana bread
Sally's Baking Addiction

There are a few ingredients in this recipe that help you avoid dryness in your banana bread. First, you have to select the perfect overripe bananas. While they may look ugly on the outside due to their brown or black spots, these bananas are sweeter and mushier.

According to King Arthur Baking, there’s no such thing as a too-ripe banana for your bread, although you should avoid ones with mold or strange odors. It might be a challenge to find overripe bananas at the grocery store, so plan ahead for this recipe and pick up a bunch to let them ripen for up to a week. Or save this recipe for when you happen to have extra bananas that have been sitting around a while.

The addition of eggs and yogurt (or sour cream) also helps keep this bread at just the right texture.


You’ll also need some pantry staples, like butter, brown sugar and flour, as well as raspberries and dark chocolate chips — or semi-sweet, if that’s what you prefer.

When it comes to the raspberries, recipe creator Sally McKenney recommends fresh berries because frozen ones tend to turn the batter pink and it takes longer to bake. Also, the recipe has a lot of berries, but never fear. Their wonderful tartness offsets the sweetness of the bread and blends perfectly with the chocolate.

After you collect your ingredients, you’ll simply mix your wet and dry ones together, then put them in a baking dish and stick this in your oven. McKenney advises that banana bread will taste even better after a couple of days when the flavors have melded.

Sally’s Baking Addiction has the full recipe for this yummy treat and plenty of tips to help you out as you bake.


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