Day 25

Another rain-free day
Posted at 6:50 AM, Sep 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-21 06:50:42-04

Showers are around us, but not over us. A few leftover nocturnal showers are dumping some isolated rain in Ohio, but we remain dry. Clouds dispersed overnight, allowing for a cool down. Temperatures are running in the low 60s and upper 50s. Visibility seems to be doing fine, except for some valley and mountain fog.

At this point we may as well start dancing. 24 days straight without rain and today makes 25. Rain just continues to bypass us thanks to high pressure and a stagnant pattern. Things are churning in the atmosphere, but the nearest cold front is still in the Plains and will not arrive for another few days. Expect a dry weekend. Temperatures remain hot and we will reach the upper 80s or low 90s each afternoon. Rain chances will remain minimal. The next best chance for rain gets here Monday with a cold front arriving in the afternoon/evening. Rain will be scattered and wont amount to much, but it will be something. Right now, we’re two to three inches behind in our 30-day rainfall totals. The drought continues to spread across the state, and burn bans are in effect because of it. Temperatures will also cool thanks to the front, and we should be closer to average, but still warm next week.