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Jack Skellington Cheese Board Is Perfect For Halloween

Jack Skellington Cheese Board Is Perfect For Halloween
Posted at 3:35 PM, Sep 23, 2020

We didn’t think charcuterie and cheese boards could get much trendier. But, leave it to Disney to find ways to make this food phenomenon even more frenzied. Perhaps the company was motivated by fans who created their own Disney-themed charcuterie boards with Mickey Mouse as a focal point.

Just in time for Halloween, Disney has designed a brand-new cheese board inspired by “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and two trendy worlds have collided into a must-have kitchen accessory. Introducing the Jack Skellington cheese board!


The Pumpkin King’s face makes up the entire cheeseboard, and he’s the perfect choice based on that sassy stitched smile. But, what we love most about this board is that there’s a hidden surprise behind that grin. The top section of the chopping board can be removed to reveal four stainless-steel cheese tools.

The tools in this set include a cheese cleaver (for those crumbly cheeses), a cheese plane for semi-hard and hard cheese slices, a fork-tipped cheese knife and a hard cheese knife/spreader. It’s everything you need to set up a cheese board with almost any kind of cheese you could desire.

Constructed from rubberwood, the Jack Skellington cheese board measures just over 10 inches in diameter and a little more than 1.5 inches high. Designers added a recessed moat along the cutting board’s edge, which will come in hand to catch any crumbs or fruit juices when preparing your spread.


You can find this handsome cheeseboard on for $44.95. However, Jack is a popular guy. When we went to the site, there was a waiting room to get in to even put on in our bag. We only had to wait about 10 minutes for our turn, but it looks like this cheeseboard is flying off the shelf faster than Jack moved in Santa’s sleigh! If you end up in line to buy one, maybe it’s a good idea to pour yourself a pumpkin spice cocktail while you wait.

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