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New popcorn is flavored like Nacho Cheese Doritos

New Popcorn Is Flavored Like Nacho Cheese Doritos
Posted at 7:00 AM, Feb 01, 2022

If Doritos are a snack you simply can’t resist, there’s a new, lighter treat is hitting shelves that could scratch the same itch in a slightly healthier way.

New SmartFood Doritos Nacho Cheese-flavored popcorn has the flavor of Nacho Cheesy Doritos, but each cup of the popcorn packs just 70 calories and 6 grams of carbs. (For comparison, 12 Doritos is 150 calories and 18 grams of carbs.)

The popcorn is available at Sam’s Club through the end of April in a 1-pound bag for around $5.

Sam's Club

This is not the first time SmartFood teamed up with another brand for a flavored popcorn. The popcorn company released a breakfast cereal-inspired Cap’n Crunch popcorn that included Crunch Berries in 2020, followed by two Krispy Kreme doughnut-flavored popcorns in 2021.

The Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnut and Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut popcorns are both listed as a limited-time offering, but they’re still currently available.

Sam's Club

Candy Pop and Cookie Pop also have a handful of dessert-like popcorns available nationwide including popcorns that taste like peanut M&Msmini M&MsSnickers, TwixNutter Butter and Sour Patch Kids. Sam’s Club also sells a new Reese’s Drizzled Popcorn that combines salty popcorn with drizzles of peanut butter and chocolate.

You can always make your own sweet-and-salty popcorn, like this salted caramel popcorn or Moose Munch, which calls for caramel, chocolate drizzle and cashews or almonds.


If you can’t pick between cheesy popcorn or a sugary snack, you can get a mix of cheese and sweet flavors with Cretors Popped Corn Cheese & Caramel Mix, available at Sam’s Club and other grocery stores like Albertsons.

Other new cheesy snacks hitting shelves now include Goldfish Mega Bites, which are targeted toward adults. The crackers, available in sharp cheddar and cheddar jalapeño flavors, are 50% larger than regular Goldfish.

Goldfish Mega Bites crackers
Pepperidge Farm

Do you love trying new, unique snacks? Or would you rather stick with the classics?

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