Dry and Hot to End the Weekend

Pool weather for Sunday
Posted at 8:17 AM, Sep 15, 2019

Saturday was sunny and warm, but it certainly felt better thanks to the early-weekend cold front. Temperatures are running 10-15 degrees cooler and humidity has been cut. If you walk outside, you may be a little chilly, especially in areas where temperatures are dropping into the low 50s. Don’t worry, we warm up quickly today and will likely surpass 90 degrees in a few areas.

Things will look the same outside but feel a bit different. High pressure will keep the sunshine in the play for Sunday, however the quick movement will result in a warm up. Southerly winds this afternoon will ramp up the heat and we will reach the low 90s across much of the area. Add to that a smidge of humidity and it will be a summer day. Things haven’t improved in the drought department as we have now reached 18 days straight without measurable precipitation. We are close to getting 10 more days without it which will put us within 10 days of the all-time longest stretch without measurable precipitation which is 37 total back around this time of the year in 1908. Best chance for rain in the next eight will be next weekend. Until then, It’s a lot of sunshine and a whole lot of heat.