Dry stretch interruption

The longest dry stretch of 2019 is ending.
Posted at 9:29 PM, Jul 28, 2019

Six dry days in a row without rain! This was been one of the longest dry stretches of the year. If we can extend it to a seventh day, which is pretty likely, it will be the longest we have gone without a drop of rain since last December. While this recent dry stretch has been nice, your plants and yard may be asking for a good watering. Mother Nature is about to deliver.

An interruption in the week-long dry period will come in the form of a cold front on Tuesday. Ahead of the boundary, it is very warm and humid. Typical summertime. As the front marches east it will send storms and heavy rain to central and eastern Kentucky. A broken line of storms will arrive by Tuesday morning. More storms will be around through the afternoon. The severe threat will be low. However, heavy rain and very localized flooding concerns will be possible. The front will pull through central Kentucky on Wednesday. While storms wind down for the Bluegrass and southern counties, areas east of I-75 will have a slightly better chance for thundershowers as the front crosses. This won't be a soaking event, but there will be enough rain that you probably won't need to pull out the watering hose on Tuesday or Wednesday. We will enter another quiet and dry period that will extend into next weekend.

While the grass and other plants are showing signs of the recent dry stretch. The numbers also show that this month has been dry for us. Lexington is running a 1.35" deficit. July is climatologically the second wettest month of the year. Rain so far this month has come in bursts as opposed to the at times sustained soaking rainfall during the first half of the month. Despite the dry conditions as of late we are still far from slipping into a drought.