Gov. Matt Bevin urges Kentuckians to donate to out of work miners

Bevin plugged two organizations
Posted at 5:07 PM, Jul 31, 2019

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) - — Governor Matt Bevin released a video urging Kentuckians to donate to two fundraisers in support of out of work coal miners in Harlan County.

Two groups in Harlan County have set out to help those laid off from Blackjewel Mining with money to pay bills, buy schools supplies or groceries. The first organization is "With Love from Harlan" who is working to collect money to help the miners with basic living needs.

"This entire situation is criminal. Operating in already financially depressed area of the country, Blackjewel has their foot on the neck of workers in the industry that keeps Appalachia alive. Miners are desperate to pay their bills. Most can’t afford groceries for their families. One worker’s wife lamented that she had no option but to count out spare change just to buy toilet paper.," reads a post to the page.

The other organization tagged by the governor is the Harlan County Community Action Agency. 100 percent of funds from that group will be used to assist miners with mortgages, rent and utilities.

"These are two places that have modest goals of a few thousand dollars. Let's blow those goals away," the Governor said.

He did not, however, issue a statement on Blackjewel Mining's bankruptcy. He used the post to encourage Kentuckian to take care of each other.