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This ‘Pinch Of Grinch’ Cookie Dough Is Green With A Red Heart

Posted at 9:44 AM, Oct 04, 2019

The holiday season comes with tons of joy and fun times, but one of my absolute favorite parts has always been baking Christmas cookies. Whether they’re shaped and frosted or simply red and green, cookies make everything better.

This year, there’s a new cookie dough hitting shelves that’ll not only keep your season festive, but will make your heart grow three sizes as well. Nestlé Toll House’s new Pinch of Grinch Cookie Dough, inspired by the classic holiday story “The Grinch,” is green and topped with a red candy heart.

The cookie dough is free of preservatives and artificial flavors and comes ready to bake right from the package. The new treat will be available beginning in October and through the end of the year, while supplies last, at a suggested retail price of $2.99.

Each package makes 20 cookies. You’ll be able to find it Target, Kroger and select regional retailers.


If you can’t find the Pinch of Grinch cookie dough near you and don’t mind putting it in a little extra work in the kitchen, you can try your hand at your own Grinch cookies. You can follow this recipe for The Grinch Cake Cookies from I Heart Naptime.

Or, simply use food coloring to make green cookie dough with your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Then add red M&Ms or, even better, a red candy heart, after the cookies have been baked.

If you’re looking for more new Grinch products to celebrate the holiday season, there are plenty to choose from already — even though it’s still October!

Kohl’s is selling Grinch family pajamas so everyone can spread their love for the furry green curmudgeon. They usually range in price from $24 – $54, but they’re on sale right now for $15.99-$36.99


If it’s the Grinch’s sass that appeals to you, however, this hilarious T-shirt is for you. A play on the hit song “Truth Hurts” by Lizzo, the shirt reads, “I just took a DNA test, turns out I am 100% that Grinch.” LOL! Snag it for $24.50.

Bad Habit Boutique

If you prefer the Grinch in decoration form, you can find an adorable Santa suit-wearing Grinch Funko POP! at Walmart for just $13.99.


Lastly, if you really love the Grinch, you can even get a 4-foot tall inflatable for your house or yard from Target for just $39.99. It even lights up so it will be visible during the day and at night. What a great way to show everyone in your neighborhood how much you adore Dr. Seuss’ iconic character!


Will you be making some Pinch of Grinch cookies or picking up any other Grinch-themed goodies this holiday season?

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