Heat Hangs, With Very Little Rain

Summer sticks around
Posted at 3:18 PM, Sep 16, 2019

Changes to the forecast have been slight as we continue to sit under a blanket of high pressure. Temperatures have routinely reached the low 90s across the board lately, and that trend looks to continue. As of now, the only spots not in the low 90s are the extreme eastern counties of Kentucky. The saving grace is the dew point only reaching the middle 60s, meaning it’s a slightly more “comfortable” heat. Regardless, with the moisture in place, we are feeling more like the mid-90s.

Heat will continue through the week as we continue to receive southerly and southwesterly winds. High pressure will keep most precipitation away, save for a few isolated pop-up showers or thundershowers. Chances of precipitation remain minimal through the week. Humidity will be about what it is now, so not overly oppressive, but still slightly humid. The heat may not break until next week, as the weekend looks to stay hot as well. Hurricane Humberto continues to get its act together off the Atlantic Coastline. Trends continue to push it offshore as it strengthens and will likely have an impact on Bermuda late week. Other than that, it’s looking forward to the first day of fall 2019, even though it won’t feel much like it.