Historical Autumnal Equinox Weather

Another first day of fall in the record books
Posted at 6:01 PM, Sep 24, 2019

The first day of fall doesn’t always occur on the same day each year, still, we are able to look back at historical records and see what type of weather we’ve seen on those dates. As crazy as Kentucky weather seems to be every year, so too are the first days of fall we’ve seen.

First we’ll start with 2019. This year we had a warm first day of fall, as we were preparing for a cold front to arrive. Temperatures warmed to 86 degrees after the first round of rain arrived. That was after a mild and humid morning start at 65 degrees. Precipitation amounted to a minimal “trace” at the Blue Grass Airport which made the first day of fall 2019 the 27th consecutive day without precipitation in Lexington. That 27-day stretch is the 3rd longest in Lexington Weather history

Starting with temperature, the warmest first day of fall occurred in 2010 when we reached a high of 93 degrees. The coolest high temperature recorded was 55 degrees in 1975. The coldest temperature recorded on the first day of fall was a frigid 36 degrees in 1974. The warmest low recorded was 72 degrees in 1926.

We typically average 0.13” of rainfall on the first day of fall. The record for the most rainfall ever recorded on the first day of fall is a whopping 4.76” recorded in 2006. That 4.76 inches was the second highest one-day rainfall total in the month of September and the 8th highest one-day rainfall total in Lexington weather history.