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How To Find The Cheapest Days To Fly This Summer

How To Find The Cheapest Days To Fly This Summer
Posted at 9:20 AM, May 23, 2022

If you plan to travel this summer after skipping faraway vacations for the past couple of years, you’re not alone. A study by travel insurance agency Allianz Partners showed that nearly 75% of Americans plan to travel domestically for their summer vacations. And online travel brand Expedia found that people are increasingly researching vacation destinations, looking for the cheapest days to fly.

“People are ready to make their summer vacations happen no matter what,” Christie Hudson, senior public relations manager for Expedia, said in a statement. “With many travel restrictions easing over the past month, travelers have been inspired to dust off their bucket lists and get a jump-start on planning. Prices are already reflecting that pent-up demand, so timing is going to be key for getting the best deal.”


Tips For Finding The Cheapest Days To Fly

Airfare pricing is complicated. Fares can change at a moment’s notice. However, some tips can help you find the cheapest days to fly.

  • Be flexible. Once you have a general idea of when you’d like to go, see if you might consider several similar locations. For instance, if you’re dreaming of a relaxing week on a Florida beach, consider various sandy seaside sites and check prices on flights.
  • Shop around. Search several different ways, like Google Flights, Expedia and Momondo. If you are considering flying Southwest, be sure to check their site for rates. Unfortunately, Southwest prohibits automated monitoring of its fares, so they won’t appear in most searches.
  • Book early. The closer it gets to your travel date, the higher flights are likely to be. Last-minute bargains can be hard to come by. Expedia recommends locking in your tickets early and choosing flights with free cancellation options that will waive change fees. If your plans change, you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t be out of luck (and your ticket fare).
  • Avoid peak travel times. Statistically, July is the most popular month for summer vacations. The most expensive day to fly is the Friday before Independence Day: July 1, 2022. Ticket prices are typically 25% higher on this date than average rates for the summer months.
  • Bundle and save. Since you probably need a place to stay and a way to get around while on vacation, see if you can save even more by booking your flight, lodging and rental car together. Bundling on travel sites like Expedia and Kayak can help you grab deep discounts.


Experts say the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday because fewer people travel on those days. Business travelers tend to fly out on Sundays and return home on Fridays. However leisure travelers usually head out on Fridays or Saturdays, so mid-week may be your best bet.

“Expect to pay a bit more if you want to travel from a Friday to Sunday or ahead of a holiday when a lot of people will be off work,” Hudson told Condé Nast Traveler. “Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally cheaper because they’re less common days to start a trip.”

And although you may be itching to get away from it all, if you can hold out until the second half of summer, you might save more. Prices for flights go down about 5% to 10% on flights in August, compared to June or July.

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