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How to order the ‘Hocus Pocus’-inspired witches brew iced tea from Starbucks’ secret menu

How To Order The ‘Hocus Pocus’-Inspired Witches Brew Iced Tea From Starbucks’ Secret Menu
Posted at 12:15 PM, Sep 21, 2021

By the pricking of my thumbs, something yummy this way comes! There is a new “secret menu” Starbucks concoction that is gaining popularity among witches and mortals alike. The “Hocus Pocus”-inspired Witches Brew Iced Tea is the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up, whether you’re going back to work or heading to your lair to sir the bubbling cauldron.

How do you order the Witches Brew Iced Tea? First, you will need to retrieve your Book of Spells from the shelf, turn to page 28, and … just kidding!

All you have to do is ask your barista for a venti passion iced tea with soy milk. Then, ask for cold foam on top with matcha powder. Voila! You have a picture-perfect magical potion, fit for a witch.

TikTokker @misselenaious shares this recipe in a video and shows the end result. It looks almost too beautiful to drink! If you think you’re not quite in the mood for spooky season yet, this icy drink will help you forget all about summer and start embracing the harvest season.

@misselenaiousSpooky season is coming ##EatFreshRefresh ##spookyseason ##starbucks ##halloween ##starbucksdrinks♬ original sound – Elena

Looking for other unique Starbucks secret menu ideas? We love this apple pie frappuccino idea from TikTokker @erinthebarista:

@erinthebaristaThis is actually really good #starbucks #foryou♬ original sound – Erin Petty

Made with heavy cream, apple juice, cinnamon dolce syrup and caramel syrup, this is the perfect drink to sip as you walk through a pumpkin patch, go on a hayride or binge “Fear Street” on Netflix.

If you really want to get in the fall spirit, try this simple tweak for a caramel pumpkin macchiato: Order an iced caramel macchiato with pumpkin sauce instead of vanilla syrup.

Move over, PSLs! This will easily become your go-to order at Starbucks during pumpkin season. This tip was posted by the actual Starbucks Twitter account, so it’s not-so-secret:

You can also order it “upside down” if you want the pumpkin to be mixed in throughout the macchiato.

Enjoy the spooky flavors of the season!

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