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Inflatable Suntan Tubs Are Like Mini Personal Pools

Inflatable Suntan Tubs Are Like Mini Personal Pools
Posted at 6:10 PM, Aug 03, 2021

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Are you still hoping to capture the best summer has to offer but don’t have a pool in your backyard or time to get to the beach? No worries! You can get the catch some rays and relax in the water in your own backyard thanks to a cool invention called a suntan tub.

What is a suntan tub (aka a sunbathing tub)? Think of it as a combination of a beach chair and a kiddie pool. This inflatable tub is a perfectly comfortable chaise that you can fill with water and lie back in to catch some rays.

Suntan tubs look like a big pool float, and that’s because they are — they double as a float you can use in a pool or at the lake. But the higher walls also allow users to fill the tub with water in your backyard so you can soaking in the sun and stay cool despite the summer heat.

Plus, it could be handy to have a sunbathing tub around in the early fall when those unseasonably hot days inevitably roll around but all the pools are shut for the season.

As with pool floats, there are quite a few sunbathing tubs to choose from online.

Inflatable Tanning Pool Lounge; $39.95

The Sloosh Store has an inflatable tanning pool available for under $40. It measures 46 inches wide and 70 inches long to allow plenty of room to stretch out and relax. It is made of PVC material for durability and comfort.


Swimline Suntan Tub; $69.99

The Swimline Suntan Tub comes with a removable headrest for comfort as well as a ribbed interior construction for more body support. The tub measures 70 inches long by 46 inches wide and the vinyl is UV resistant.


SLLAK Tanning Pool Tub; $64.99

The SLLAK Tanning Pool Tub is big enough to share! At 81 inches long and 53 inches wide, you can either sunbathe with a friend or have plenty of room to lounge on your own. The tub has an inflatable headrest and pockets on the sides for drinks and snacks.


Poolmaster Riviera Wet/Dry Swimming Pool Sun Lounge; $72.81

You can use the Poolmaster Riviera Sun Lounge either in the water or on dry land. The drop-down mattress allows for shallow water immersion, and the tub has a built-in back and armrest. The tub measures 76 inches long by 39 inches wide.


What do you think of the suntan tub idea?

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