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Minecraft Is Coming To Your Breakfast Table With Kellogg’s New ‘Creeper Crunch’ Cereal

Posted at 7:00 AM, Jul 05, 2020

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If you’re a Minecraft fan, your breakfast table is about to get a lot more fun. Kellogg’s is teaming up with the creators of the popular game for a brand new breakfast treat: Kellogg’s Minecraft Creeper Crunch Cereal. Slated to hit store shelves in August, the new cereal features cinnamon-flavored bites and green squares of “Creeper Bit” marshmallows that resemble Minecraft’s pixelated block look.

Of course, you can’t have a cereal based on a game without also including some extra fun. Those who pick up the cereal will find a code inside every box that unlocks an in-game reward. Simply take the code and use it to unlock one of 10 in-game clothing items, which will allow you to customize your characters with cloaks, jackets and more.


With more than 126 million people playing Minecraft every month, it should come as no surprise that the new Kellogg’s cereal is not the only Minecraft-related item you can find in stores.

From board games to Lego sets and even dinnerware sets at Target, if you’re a fan, there’s no shortage of goodies for you to buy.


The new Minecraft cereal is not the first breakfast food to be based on a game either. Everything from Donkey Kong to Pac Man had a themed cereal at one point, with Super Mario getting one in 2017.

Kellogg’s Super Mario Cereal featured berry-flavored power-up marshmallows, including question boxes, different mushrooms and the 1-Up star. The box itself included an amiibo sticker that functioned as an accessory for the game.


If you’re up for some fun new breakfast foods but are not into Minecraft, this isn’t the only new themed cereal hitting shelves this summer. Have you heard about the new Minions cereal from General Mills?

The Minions cereal features sweet yellow and blue vanilla cake-flavored corn puff cereal and bite-size marshmallows. You can find it in stores nationwide for $3.99 for a mid-size box or $4.99 for family-size.

General Mills

Are you excited to try these new cereals?

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