Kentuckians battle heat wave in France

Students staying in residence with no A/C
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Posted at 6:37 PM, Jul 26, 2019

PARIS (LEX 18) — Temperatures in Paris, France reached triple digits Thursday, which is the hottest in recorded history.

Currently, 14 students from the University of Kentucky, Western Kentucky University, and other Kentucky schools, are studying abroad in Paris. They've been there since the beginning of the month. UK French Professor Jeorg Sauer is with the group and says it is rough. She said that students are staying at a residence with no A/C, except in the basement lounge area.

"We've restructured our classes. we've scheduled things so we were only in air-conditioned spaces when we were with students," she told LEX 18's Alex Valverde.

Even the traditional travel group photo was scheduled during cooler hours.

"We had to do it early in the morning because even though sunlight would have been better, it would have been 100 degrees and last night I don't think it went below 100 degrees until after 10:00," she said.

Sauer said that the temperatures have dropped a bit, and that the students won't let the heat ruin their trip.