Kentuckians cashing in on Area 51 craze

More than a million Facebook users want to "see them aliens"
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Posted at 3:27 PM, Jul 16, 2019

BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — Two men from Jackson created shirt designs after being inspired by a now viral Facebook campaign to storm Area 51 to "see them aliens."

More than a million Facebook users have expressed interest in an event to storm the Nevada military base on September 20, the event is titled "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us." The plan is to Naruto run toward the facility, which is in reference to anime character Naruto Uzumaki, who runs with his arms behind him. This is supposed to make the runner fast enough to "move faster than their bullets."

The Facebook event has inspired memes, merchandise, and Facebook discussions including, "My mom says she can either drop us off at Area 51 or pick us up, but she can't do both," and "What are you guys bringing to eat?"

The event has even inspired discussions in the LEX 18 News room, "Come on Harry. If you're going to take off on September 20, at least tell us the truth. We know you aren't going to a "concert.""

The obviously tongue-in-cheek Facebook page has gotten big enough to move the United States Air Force to issue a warning to, ya know, not actually storm Area 51.

Danny Speas and Matthew Lorimer, of Breathitt County, put t-shirts online Monday night in hopes that the Storm Area 51 enthusiasts purchase some for them and their aliens that the intend to take after Area 51 is stormed.

Neither man plans to make the trek to Nevada, but Speas said if they make enough money, they'll go with binoculars to see what happens. Although the event is for fun, they're hoping that if anyone does show up, whether it be "Kyles" with Monster energy drinks in hand or Naruto runners dodging bullets in the desert, they're wearing these Kentucky-based shirt designs.

"I told my wife. She thought I was nuts, but she thought it was funny," said Speas.

"She'll be even more happy if we get some extra vacation money," said Lorimer.

To check out the shirt designs, click the links below: