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LaCroix Is Launching A Limoncello Flavor This Year

LaCroix Is Launching A Limoncello Flavor This Year
Posted at 3:45 PM, Dec 26, 2019

LaCroix fans, pucker up! Your favorite sparkling water is about to come in a new flavor that will transport your tastebuds straight to Italy’s picturesque Amalfi Coast, where lemon groves are abundant and the aroma of citrus perfumes the air.

LaCroix announced on social media that a limoncello-flavored sparkling water is coming in 2020. Say “Ciao, Bella!” to this zesty yellow can that’s posing with postcard-perfect Positano in the background.

In the Instagram post announcing the forthcoming flavor, LaCroix surrounded its new LimonCello can with lemons and wrote this caption: “The Extravagance of Delicious! #LaCroixLimonCello Coming 2020!” complete with a little lemon emoji.

In all, LaCroix has more than two dozen different products, ranging from its classic pure sparkling water to single flavors like lime to combinations like piña fraise that combines flavors like pineapple and strawberry.

We’re curious to see how the limoncello flavor will be different from the lemon flavor that’s already in LaCroix’s lineup. But, is it too soon to be dreaming of summertime cocktails? The limoncello sparkling water paired with actual limoncello would make for a delicious lemon spritz that’s reminiscent of Italian vacations along the coast. (Until then, here are some of our favorite LaCroix cocktails!)

LaCroix’s Instagram fan base also seems pretty excited about the LimonCello flavor, with users commenting with lots of heart-eye and lemon emojis.

“We can now be Italian queens even in the states!” one Instagram user wrote. Another said: “LaCroix Boiz unite as we try this new spectacular flavor.” Others chimed in with their new flavor suggestions, like a ginger LaCroix.

The sparkling water maker — which has established quite a cult following — has been on a roll with its new flavor releases.

Last spring, LaCroix teased social media fans with a plain pink can leading up to its big reveal in May that it’s newest flavor would be HI-Biscus, inspired by the tea flower.

So, what LaCroix flavor would you like to see next?

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