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Lay’s Has A New Chip Flavor That Doritos Fans Will Love

Lay’s Has A New Chip Flavor That Doritos Fans Will Love
Posted at 2:10 PM, Jul 27, 2021

For the first time, Frito-Lay is taking its popular Cool Ranch Dorito flavor and merging it with another favorite snack: Lay’s potato chips.

Part of a new lineup of limited-time Flavor Swap flavors, Lay’s Dorito Cool Ranch potato chips take the ranch flavor from the well-known Dorito tortilla chip and apply it to a Lay’s potato chip.

The result? A light and crispy Lay’s potato chip with all the tangy seasoning of a Cool Ranch Dorito. It’s like getting your potato chips pre-dipped in ranch dressing!


Cool ranch not your thing? There’s another potato chip in the Flavor Swap lineup: Lay’s Wavy Funyuns Onion. These chips take the salty-onion flavor of Funyuns rings (which taste similar to a fried onion ring), and put it on Lay’s Wavy potato chips.

Can’t you just imagine dipping these in some onion-flavored chip dip — or even some dill pickle dip?


While not confirmed by Frito-Lay, Target also has Lay’s Cheetos Cheese potato chips on their website, so those are likely showing up in stores soon as well.

We don’t know how long these new flavor combos will be available, but it will be for a limited time and while supplies last.


While this is the first time for these Flavor Swap flavors, Lay’s has not been shy about experimenting with other new chips products over the years. They’ve made potato chips that taste like everything from fried pickles with ranch to grilled cheese and tomato soup, cheesy garlic bread and cheddar bacon mac & cheese — just to name a few.

They even recently released three new chip flavors perfect for summer. The new Chile MangoWavy Jerk Chicken and Summer BLT flavors are available at retailers nationwide until supplies run out.

Wavy Jerk Chicken is described as spicy, sweet and smoky, while Chile Mango has the fruity flavor of mango, plus the spice and tang of chili peppers. Summer BLT offers flavors of lettuce and tomato wrapped in bacon. Serve the chips alongside an actual BLT and you’re in for a whole lot of bacony goodness.


Which new flavor of Lay’s potato chips will you be trying first?

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