Making a Difference: Cleaning for a reason

Posted at 2:15 PM, Aug 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-09 14:15:51-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18)- — When someone is diagnosed with cancer, their entire word is flipped on its head. Everything changes in an instant and normal, everyday tasks can become exhausting and at times impossible. One Lexington cleaning company is now partnering with a non-profit to provide some relief in a way only they can.

The two behind Lexington's Cruppers Cleaning know their away around a house. They polish, dust and scrub every surface of a home. But now they're doing it with an even greater purpose.

They've partnered with "Cleaning for a Reason," a non-profit that provides free home cleanings to anyone battling cancer. The organization has helped more than 34,000 cancer patients which is equal to about $11 million worth of cleanings. As for Cruppers' co-owner April Wilson, it's an issue that hits close to home.

"Both Chris, the other owner, and myself have been affected by cancer personally. My mom battled cancer when i was a child and then my older sister lost her life to cancer at the age of 36," Wilson told LEX 18.

Wilson has seen firsthand what a shock cancer can be to an entire family and the strain it can put on the individual patient. A person goes from being a healthy individual to a life changing experience. So she's offering that much needed support the best way she knows how. Once a month for two months, Cruppers will come in and clean a patient's house for free. She says it's the least she can do.

"You know ,we're the ones that really get the most out of it. Because it's so rewarding to go in and to help these people and to show them that you know that we're rooting for them," said Wilson.

The service is open to anyone who is receiving treatment for cancer --- anyone at all men, women children There is no financial qualification to receive this service.

To apply head to, go to the patient's tab and apply.

You can also donate to the organization on their website.