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McDonald’s Is Debuting Glazed Pull-Apart Donuts

McDonald’s Is Debuting Glazed Pull-Apart Donuts
Posted at 11:20 AM, Aug 18, 2021

After adding apple fritters, blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls to its breakfast menu last October, McDonald’s is at it again, giving us a brand new treat to start our mornings.

Beginning Sept. 1, you will now find a Glazed Pull-Apart Donut at participating restaurants nationwide. A twist on a classic doughnut, the new McCafe Bakery menu item features light and airy, tear-apart bite-size pieces of dough covered in a sweet glaze. Because it pulls apart, it is shareable — or you can nibble on it throughout the day.


While the other three previously-released bakery items are on the breakfast menu permanently, the pull-apart donut is only around for a limited time. It is, however, available all day, so you can grab it for breakfast or a pick-me-up whenever you need it.


If you’re looking for more late summer-inspired flavor in your doughnut, Krispy Kreme just added two s’mores doughnuts to the menu for a limited time. Partnering with Hershey’s for the new flavors, the chain now has S’mores Classic Doughnut and S’mores Fudge Cake Doughnut.

The S’mores Classic Doughnut is filled with marshmallow Kreme, dipped in Hershey’s chocolate icing, drizzled with marshmallow Kreme and chocolate icing and topped with graham cracker crumbs. The S’mores Fudge Cake Doughnut has even more chocolate, as it starts with a Hershey’s fudge cake doughnut. It is then dipped in marshmallow icing, drizzled with Hershey’s chocolate icing and topped with chocolate chips.

Krispy Kreme

You can also make your own doughnuts, which is actually not as hard as it sounds. This recipe for homemade doughnuts has just two ingredients: a tube of prepared biscuit dough and oil.

If you’re feeding a crowd, you could also try this apple cider doughnut cake from Jennifer Fishkind at Princess Pinky Girl, which calls for a box of yellow cake mix, apple cider, applesauce and other common ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

While the new glazed pull-apart donut is the only doughnut on McDonald’s menu, they do have a handful of other dessert items like ice cream cones, milkshakes, McFlurries and hot fudge sundaes.


Will you be trying the fast-food chain’s newest treat or making your own doughnuts?

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