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This Mom Let Her ‘Simpsons’-Fan Son Get A Mr. Burns Haircut And The Video Went Viral

This Mom Let Her ‘Simpsons’-Fan Son Get A Mr. Burns Haircut And The Video Went Viral
Posted at 10:50 AM, Aug 23, 2022

Sometimes the pull of a great comedy bit is stronger than social anxiety: A mom on TikTok shared a short video of the Mr. Burns-style haircut her son requested — and that she agreed to.

Which is to say, her kid now looks like the decrepit nuclear-power baron from “The Simpsons,” bald pate and all.

“Am I a bad mum for letting my son cut his hair like Mr. Burns?” Johanna Clark asks in the video’s caption. Her son, meanwhile, presses his fingers together in Burns’s familiar pose and intones, “Smithers,” with Burns’ shaky voice. (Smithers is Burns’s adoring assistant on the show.)

Clark giggles merrily at the sight, as the kid turns around to show off the cut’s rear view:


Gargomal or Limmeny Snickets even? #mrburns #gargomal #thesmurfs #amiabadmum #badhairday #pinknade #limenysniket #thesimpsons

♬ original sound – Johanna Clark

He still has more hair than old Mr. Burns, to be honest.

Clark posted the video in July, and since then it’s racked up 7.4 million views and almost 680,000 likes. There are thousands of comments, too, most of them assuring Clark that no, she’s not a bad mom. Fortunately, the folks who disagree decided not to release the hounds on her.

It was a risky move, after all — it’s not every day you see a youngster with the mostly-hairless head of an evil, somehow-still-alive cartoon millionaire. But Clark is following in the footsteps of other parents who’ve let their kids make, uh, interesting choices.

Who could forget the Louisiana 2-year-old who wanted a birthday party themed around his favorite personal injury attorney? Or the little one who wanted to dress up as a horseshoe crab for Halloween?

Sometimes kids just want to do something wonderfully weird, and if they’re not hurting anybody, why not? Young “Mr. Burns” is just being his silly self, so his mom cheerfully went along with it.

There’s a word for a parent like that: “EXCELLENT.”

The new season of “The Simpsons” premieres on Sept. 25 on Fox.

[h/t: Scary Mommy]

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