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New York’s Museum Of Modern Art Is Offering Free Online Classes

New York’s Museum Of Modern Art Is Offering Free Online Classes
Posted at 9:44 AM, Apr 15, 2020

Are you starting to climb the walls during your quarantine? If you’ve already binged “Tiger King,” organized your closet and exhausted every book on your bookshelf, you might be interested in the art classes that the Museum of Modern Art is offering for free online.

Whether you want to learn about photography, abstract painting, fashion or contemporary art, these MOMA classes are your opportunity to access the amazing teachers and materials at the famous museum, all free of charge.


Available via Coursera, hundreds of thousands of people are already enrolled and taking advantage of this educational series that will help you better enjoy art and also tap into your own artistic power.

You can learn more about the upcoming courses here. New courses are available every four weeks and you can take your time with the material. If you need more time for any reason, you can change your deadline without losing any of your completed work.

You can also access other free content via Courser from other museums and universities. For example, Stanford University is offering a free course on Machine Learning, Princeton University is offering a free course on Computer Programing and Wesleyan University is offering a free course on Social Psychology.


Or if you’ve been struggling to find peace and balance during this difficult time, you may benefit from this free course on The Science of Well-Being from Yale University. Over 2 million people are already enrolled!

If you’re looking for other ways to expand your mind (and stay busy) during this time, check out Overdrive, a platform many libraries use in order to make their books available to patrons online. Or use theLibby or Hoopla apps, which make everything from your library’s books to movies to music available to you via your smartphone or tablet. And if you don’t currently have a library card, don’t worry — most libraries will allow you to sign up for one online.

Or check out sites like Project Gutenberg, which allows you to access thousands of free books even without a library card.

It’s good to know that even though many of the world’s museums, libraries and places of higher learning have been temporarily shut down, we can still access the resources and wisdom therein.

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