More Thanksgiving travel troubles

The next system in the sequence brings more woos.
Posted at 9:36 AM, Nov 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-30 09:36:36-05

Mother Nature hasn't been too kind to Thanksgiving travelers. There were woos getting to grandma's home. Now the next system in the sequence will bring more headaches across the Great Lakes and Northeast today and tomorrow, which is expected to be an even busier travel day. This system will cut across the Midwest today. Areas from the Dakotas to the northern Great Lakes will receive several inches of snow. Blizzard conditions are possible for the Dakotas and parts of Minnesota today. This very same system will impact us in Kentucky, except we're on the warm side. Rain will hang around this morning and it will stay chilly. The afternoon will bring a *brief* lull in the action. Showers and a few storms will fire up this evening as the cold front approaches. Strong storms aren't expected. (It will be more of an issue for folks in the mid-Mississippi Valley.) However, it will be turning gusty and we could see gusts of 30 mph or higher this evening. Activity will taper off after midnight. Parts of the area could end up with close to two inches of rain by Sunday morning.

AAA is estimating that tomorrow will be the busiest travel day of the year. Travel will be impacted by air and on the ground as winter weather spreads into the Midwest and Northeast. Chicago and Detroit will be dealing with lingering snow showers. Parts of interior New England could receive over a foot of snow by Monday. Icy conditions are possible across Pennsylvania and Upstate New York. If you have friends or family heading in any of those directions, they need to plan ahead.

We will see some snow showers of our own Sunday night. An upper-level low will be cut across Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana and carry some rain and snow showers with it. Rain showers will develop late Sunday around the Bluegrass. As temperatures fall during the evening, rain will change to snow. The wintry precipitation will linger into Monday morning just as everyone heads back to work and school after Thanksgiving. Light snowfall accumulations are possible, especially across the higher elevations of southeastern Kentucky. Accumulations will be mostly on grassy and elevated surfaces.