Nature’s Fireworks for July 4th

Storms will be 'popping' tomorrow evening.
Posted at 2:36 PM, Jul 03, 2019

As with any summertime pattern, small changes are the only thing you’ll notice. We’ve already seen some pop-ups get going and some have reached strong to severe criteria. As we continue through the evening, more storms will form. Temperatures are pushing 90 degrees for the 6th day in a row. Dew point temperatures are running low 70s, and so the heat index is running middle 90s.

As we celebrate Independence Day, we will again be dealing with similar conditions. The morning will start warm and muggy with very little activity on the radar. As the sun heats us up, cumulus will build, and the thundershowers will get going. Temperatures should be reaching the low 80s by noon, so we’ll have plenty of time through the afternoon for storms to grow. Expect scattered rain and thunderstorms through the course of the afternoon and evening. Some could become severe with damaging wind gusts being the primary threat. Flood-producing rains, frequent lightning, and small to moderate hail are all possible. If you are in or on the water in the evening, listen for thunder. If you hear it, take a break and get out for a while to let the storm pass. We will see the same conditions through the upcoming weekend with hot and muggy weather to compliment afternoon and evening storms.