NBC: Epstein dies by suicide in jail, according to sources

Posted at 9:17 AM, Aug 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-10 09:30:28-04

(NBC NEWS/CNN) — NBC News is reporting that sources tell them Jeffrey Epstein has died by suicide in his New York City jail cell.

Epstein was being held without bail on charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking minors. Epstein was ordered by a federal judge to remain in jail pending trial, denying his request to return to his Upper East Side mansion. Prosecutors argued that there was overwhelming evidence that Epstein was likely to flee the country. he owned a private jet, multiple homes, and a home abroad.

In July, Epstein was served with papers in connection to a lawsuit by a woman who accused Epstein of raping her when she was 15-years-old. On NBC's Today show,the woman, Jennifer Araoz said, "I was terrified and I was telling him to stop, please stop."

The documents were served the day before Epstein was found in his jail cell with marks on his neck.

He had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

CNN reports that federal prosecutors claimed Epstein used employees and associates to order young girls to his residences. They also alleged he paid some of his victims to "recruit" other girls.

On Saturday morning, NBC News reported he was found around 7:30 a.m.