10 years later, community remembers life of Sheriff's Deputy Anthony Rakes

Posted at 5:40 PM, Nov 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-07 17:48:17-05

LEBANON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Ten years ago this November 14, Marion County's community mourned the loss of 31-year-old Marion County Sheriff's Deputy Anthony Rakes. Now, one decade later, this community is finding new ways to honor his memory.

Marion County Sheriff Jimmy Clements says, "[He was] just an all-around good deputy, you could depend on him, you know, whatever you gave him, he ran with it and took care of business — and sold it in a fair, and partial, and lawful way. As a person, I mean, you couldn't ask for better."


Rakes was checking on a car parked on the side of Danville Highway when the driver opened fire. Deputy Rakes was shot multiple times and died shortly after the incident. His sister Anita Elder says her younger brother always wanted a career in law enforcement.

Elder says, "In the fifth grade, I have that with me where he wanted to be a police officer, chase fast cars, and get bad people. And he always wanted to do that, and I am so proud of him today still for that."


Rakes's sisters say his loss is something they continue to struggle with. This family finds ways to remember this huge loss to their family and the community every year — including making his favorite meals during the holidays. His sister shares her appreciation for the community's support.

His sister Regina Ewing says, "An honor, an honor, to keep his memory alive — not just saying he was a part of the group or crowd or something. But he's still a memory to everybody."


The Marion County Sheriff says there have only been two deputies lost in the line of duty. One from 1903. Now, both will be memorialized here where their legacy of service can live on.

Sheriff Clements says, "We want to honor that memory and the sacrifice that they made and again with this being the 10-year anniversary on Anthony, we felt compelled to recognize it again as we have each and every year."


Next Monday will mark the exact day that Deputy Anthony Rakes was lost in the line of duty. On that day, the sheriff's office will host a memorial service to remember all that he stood for.