Report: Trump Under Investigation But Not Criminal Target Of Mueller Probe

Posted at 9:37 AM, Apr 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-04 09:37:33-04

WASHINGTON (NBC News) — Special Counsel Robert Mueller told President Donald Trump’s attorneys last month he was continuing to investigate the president but did not consider him a criminal target in the Russia probe "at this point," the Washington Post reported on Tuesday night.

The Post said Mueller also told Trump’s lawyers that he was preparing a report about the president’s actions while in office and potential obstruction of justice.

"Mueller reiterated the need to interview Trump — both to understand whether he had any corrupt intent to thwart the Russia investigation and to complete this portion of his probe," the newspaper said.

It said Trump and some in his inner circle interpreted Mueller’s words as assurance that his risk of criminal jeopardy was low, while other advisers cautioned that Mueller was baiting Trump into an interview that could put him in greater legal danger.

Mueller is also investigating potential collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia as well as whether Trump has committed obstruction of justice by trying to thwart the Russia probe.

Trump has denied any collusion with Russia and has called the Mueller investigation a witch hunt.

The president’s outside attorney, Jay Sekulow, told NBC News: "We do not discuss real or alleged conversations between our legal team and the Office of Special Counsel." And Trump lawyer Ty Cobb declined to comment on the report.