Despite Losing Property To Storm, Sonora Firefighters Work To Help Citizens

Posted at 5:07 AM, Apr 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-05 05:07:32-04

SONORA, Ky. (WAVE 3)– Crews from all over the county worked Tuesday to make sure everyone in Sonora was safe after strong winds devastated the area.

However, for the city’s volunteer fire department, it was a very personal job.

WAVE 3 interviewed Firefighter Chris Miller, whose new home was destroyed in the storm. It was just two months away from being finished.

"I drove over and found my house exactly how we had it today, it was on the ground," Miller said.

Fellow first responder Chris Stilts lost his farm.

"The only thing I’ve got left standing is my house and my shop," he told WAVE 3. "Everything else on the farm was uprooted, my shed was boned down."

Despite their losses, they both sprung to action.

"They don’t think about themselves," Chief Robert Wethington said. "They think about others and they want to help others."

Volunteer firefighters helped clear fallen trees and broken power lines, and checked to make sure their neighbors were safe.

"It’s just important to me to make sure that everyone else is okay," Stilts said.