KEA Urges Educators To Return To Teaching

Posted at 10:11 PM, Apr 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-06 22:11:36-04

(LEX 18) With spring break coming to an end for many school districts, the Kentucky Education Association is urging teachers to put down their pension protest signs and pick up their lesson plans again. 

KEA President Stephanie Winkler tells LEX 18 the students will always come first, no matter what, but educators and supporters of education are keeping close watch on lawmakers to make sure the session ends favorably for Kentucky teachers and schools. 

"We have awakened a sleeping giant, so to speak," Winkler stated.

This coming Monday, Winkler says Kentucky teachers are urged to fight for their pensions and school funding from their classrooms, and are highly encouraged to reach out to their local legislators. 

KEA’s delegate assembly voted unanimously to urge teachers to return to school, but Winkler says they have plans of action in place, should lawmakers not give them what they want. 

"We understand there’s a week left in the session and we’re watching every day. We’re watching every move, and, we will act accordingly. And, when this session is over, our work has just simply begun," Winkler told LEX 18.

Pamela Lefler says she agrees teachers should return to the classroom because it’s the best way to demonstrate their priorities. 

"Oh, I don’t blame them for protesting, but, if they cared about the kids, they would go ahead and still be teaching," Lefler mentioned. 

As for others like Cathy and Paul Sprester, they say if teachers decide to rally again, they’ll support them 100 percent.

"Teachers were promised this and they’re just asking for what they were promised, so I can’t see anything wrong with that at all," Paul Sprester stated. 

"I think the kids will lose out if we lose the teachers over this, so I think this is now the time for them to go down and fight as a big group," Cathy Sprester added. 

Below is what the Kentucky Education Association’s Facebook post stated earlier about the decision Friday: