Gov. Bevin Responds To Criticism Over Child Sexual Assault Comments

Posted at 3:54 PM, Apr 15, 2018

FRANKFORT, Ky (LEX 18) – Governor Matt Bevin took to his Facebook page on Sunday to apologize and explain his comments that sparked outrage Friday afternoon.

In reference to school districts calling off school on Friday so educators could rally at the capitol he said children were "harmed, some physically, some sexually" because they were left unattended. Immediately after many condemned the remarks including politicians on both sides of the aisle. The Republican-led House even approved a pair of resolutions on Saturday officially condemning Bevin’s remarks. 

On Sunday, Governor Bevin posted a video on his Facebook page explaining his remarks. He went on to thank those who understood the message he was trying to convey and also apologized to those who may have been hurt or confused by his message. 

The full video is below: