Richmond Couple Arrested For Criminal Abuse

Posted at 8:52 AM, Apr 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 08:52:29-04

RICHMOND, Ky. (Richmond Register) – A Richmond couple is facing charges after an investigation by sheriff’s officials.

According to the Richmond Register, Steven McKinney, 24, and Melanie Clark, 23, were arrested Wednesday after children in the home were found to have injuries that correlate to abuse. 

Community-Based Services were contacted after the 18-month-old was discovered to have bruises around its neck.  An arrest warrant also alleged that McKinney forced a three-year-old child into a shower after the child urinated in her pants and that a 5-year-old was spanked so hard that he also had an accident.

Both parties were charged with criminal abuse of a child.