Allergies In Full Bloom

Posted at 4:15 PM, May 22, 2018

(LEX 18) — Noses are flaring up across the Bluegrass. As spring rolls in, so does the pollen. 

Meteorologist Tom Ackerman noticed big puffs of yellow pollen in the air around his backyard. 

"I kept looking up in the air, and it looked like there was smoke in the air. And I kept thinking, boy that’s weird, somebody must be burning something. But I didn’t smell any smoke," said Ackerman. 

The pollen has been wreaking havoc on the nostrils of Kentuckians.

"Tree pollen clearly looking like that is running high, and grass pollen is as well. So this is the time of year where we just get a double whammy as far as allergies go," said Ackerman.

Tom Nieman, who operates the Nieman Christmas Tree Farm, told LEX 18 that the changes in weather have helped many of his trees bloom. He said he does not have any problem with allergies but his wife does. The good news is that his wife can tell him right away when a crop is blooming.