Threatening Messages Attempt To Sway Sheriff’s Race

Posted at 8:29 AM, May 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-31 08:29:43-04

BUTLER COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18)– Someone sent strange and threatening text messages to people around Butler County, all to sway the vote in last week’s sheriff’s race.

And this week, Sheriff Scotty Ward released screenshots of the messages, including one that says Adolph Hitler is Ward’s savior.

The messages themselves are outlandish, including that Ward hates Jewish people and African Americans, and that he’s threatening to kill them.

Other people received messages saying they would be killed if they voted for Ward.

He says he never felt threatened, but he’s disappointed someone went to such lengths.

"Some of it did bother me because some of the messages were going to kids on their phone, and some of the language used in these messages was very inappropriate for the kids to be reading."

Ward won the election, and now he’s turning his sights on the person behind the messages.

He’s ordered subpoenas on the IP address and phone records that might lead to the person who did it.

if you have information, call the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.