Bear Gets Stuck in Tree

Posted at 8:35 PM, Jun 10, 2018

DENTON, Mich. (NBC) — A fire department in northern Michigan received an unusual call for help Sunday morning. They’re used to helping retrieve cats from trees, but this animal was a bit larger.

A bear found its way up a very large tree, but couldn’t get down.

It happened in Denton Township about 125 miles north of Lansing.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources called for assistance from the Roscommon Township Fire Department early this morning.

Emergency workers had received a call to remove a black bear from a tree.

Rescuers first had to tranquilize the bear before slowly lowering it to the ground.

Firefighters waited under the tree with a net to receive the bear.

The Roscommon Township Fire Department posted their video on the its Facebook page.