Man Who Found Missing Girl Says it was a Miracle

Posted at 9:12 PM, Jun 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-10 21:12:31-04

LEBANON JUNCTION, KY – It was Sunday morning at Calvary Road Baptist Church in Shepherdsville.

The piano led a group of worshipers in song.

With wide eyes, children watched it all unfold, and even those who were a little older remained just as fixed on the man delivering the sermon on Sunday morning.

"He’s a miracle-working God," Wayne Brown, who was preaching for the day, said. "I’ve seen that first hand."

Brown says a miracle happened to him while sitting on his couch in prayer. 

"It dawned on me: That’s probably her," Brown said, about first catching a glimpse of Charlee Campbell, 2, in his backyard. "So, I jumped up, ran to the door, opened the door and said ‘Charlee is that you, are you Charlee?’" 

Campbell went missing in Lebanon Junction from a home several hundred yards away from Brown’s. 

Friday, while in his house, he noticed her in his backyard. It was the end of a nearly two day search Brown described taking part in. 

"I walked to the end of the ridges, probably five hundred yards," Brown said.

Brown, who was scheduled weeks ago to preach Sunday as the church’s head pastor would be out of town, described it all to the congregation. 

"There were people praying out of state," Brown said. "I know that there were people praying in the country of Australia." 

Even after searching on Saturday and early Sunday morning, the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Department said investigators were sweeping the woods where Charlee was found. 

Hours later, only the family dog was around, but earlier in the day, officials said blood hounds were sent to see if they could locate her missing diaper or the pajama bottoms she was last seen wearing.

Just hours before Brown spread a message to those he worships with.

"God just happened to bring her on our porch to be found," Brown said. "There wasn’t anything I did except pray." 

A solemn prayer said by many, but one Brown said was ultimately answered. 

The Bullitt County Sheriff said a foot search in the woods Saturday between Brown’s property and Charlee’s house yielded no new evidence.