‘Making A Murderer’ Lawyer Takes On Justice System In New Book

Posted at 3:11 PM, Jun 12, 2018

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — A criminal defense attorney in a high-profile murder cases was in Lexington on Tuesday to talk about his new book.

Jerome Buting knows that America’s judicial system has its flaws.

"It’s a broken system right now. It really is. Particularly for people who don’t have resources," said Buting.

Buting represented Steven Avery in a case that became the subject of the popular Netflix documentary "Making A Murderer."

Buting is now an author and has written "Illusion of Justice: Inside Making A Murderer And America’s Broken System." The release comes as Brendan Dassey, a co-defendant in the murder case of Teresa Halbeck, could have his verdict overturned by nine justices in D.C.

”They may or may not take the case. They’re at a point where they have to decide if they should hear his appeal," said Buting. 

Buting will hope for that hearing and a reversal. He stands firm in his belief that neither his client, Steven Avery, nor Brendan Dassey, committed the crimes of which they were accused and convicted. 

"Unfortunately, the judge ruled we couldn’t point the finger at anybody, so Steven’s jury never got to evaluate whether or not someone else could have done it," said Buting. 

Buting said that could be because of Dassey’s confession as a 16-year-old. To this day, it remains possibly the biggest misuse of evidence Buting said he has ever seen.

"They knew they were dealing with someone with limitations and they went too far," he said. "It’s really time for the courts to say, ‘enough is enough.’"

Buting’s book can be purchased on Amazon. On Tuesday, he hosted a book signing at the Kentucky Theater in Lexington.