Funds Missing From Shelby Co. Humane Society, Lawsuit Filed

Posted at 2:20 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 14:20:26-04

SHELBY COUNTY, Ky (WAVE 3) The Shelby County Humane Society could be just six weeks away from going broke after shelter officials say that huge chunks of cash have disappeared. 

The shelter’s attorney, Gregg Neal, tells our sister station WAVE 3 that it is possible someone from within could be stealing funds meant for helpless pets. Neal said that tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars, are missing.

WAVE 3 reports that a prominent benefactor of the humane society has filed a lawsuit, accusing former President Mark Smith of secretly redeeming a certificate of deposit worth $115,000, selling property owned by the humane society, as well as other forms of misappropriating the money.

Neal said that they are going to rely on auditors to see what they find. 

A new humane society campus was already supposed to be under construction. The grounds for new facilities with space for cats, dogs, and horses, is still just an empty field, leaving many to wonder where the money went. 

Former Shelby County Humane Society President Mark Smith resigned his position in March after being suspended by the board. The Humane Society is now investigating, waiting on the results of a forensic audit.