Veggies Planted To Feed The Needy Stolen

Posted at 2:23 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 14:23:27-04

WOODFORD COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — A Woodford County church group is devastated after they found the vegetables they had planted were stolen. Journey Provisions tells LEX 18 that they had planned on using the plants to feed people that are hungry.

"Volunteers came out and they watered all of our gardens. We are growing our gardens to help feed the hungry, and everything was fine," said Journey Provisions Director Heather Nichols.

Before the vegetables could even grow, Journey Provisions Ministry said, the plants were stolen.

“In between each one of these grooves had tomato plants, and then we had marigolds because they help tomatoes grow to better, healthier plants. Each one of these had tomatoes and marigold plants in them and someone, literally, dug them up from their roots and took them all," said Nichols.

The garden was tucked away behind the building, leading Nichols to believe whoever took it, knew what they were doing.

"I was hurt, I tried not to cry. There was a little bit of tears, not going to lie. I paid for that with my own money, it was just a project to give back to the seniors, especially, we just really wanted to be able to help people who are hungry," she said.

The church ministry said that they won’t let something like this stop them from helping people. 

"Since we no longer feel safe having our garden here, I’ll actually just garden from home and bring the produce in, as it’s ready," she said.

If you are in need of produce or would like to help Journey Provisions, you can call the ministry at 859-873-7421.